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» Saying yes… our family is headed to Ethiopia

» Saying yes… our family is headed to Ethiopia

I’ve shared a bit about the work I’m involved with in Ethiopia here and there on the blog. For the past several years I’ve gone without my husband and children and as Ethiopia has solidified it’s place in my heart I have yearned to share that more deeply with my family. Our son, being from Ethiopia, has consistently shared a desire to be more involved as well. Last week those things collided with a need for me to spend a month in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia over the summer. Within hours of assessing the need our family decided to say yes to packing up for a temporary relocation to Addis Ababa.

Now begins the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional preparation. As well as the task of fundraising a portion of our trip expenses. We are thankfully in a place where we have prepared and don’t need to raise 100% of the expenses but we do have to get to work on the rest. We have set up a page that allows for tax-deductible online donations and are prepping for several fundraising pushes including an online auction, selling items from our home and doing some extra work as we can pick it up.

What will we be doing? America World, my employer, just opened a home for teen girls who have aged out of the government orphanage. We will be working daily with the girls to support their emotional and spiritual needs while working to implement a life skills curriculum that I am working on with several volunteer leaders. We will also work with in country staff and help facilitate the volunteer teams that visit and work during that time.

This is exciting on so many levels. We will be serving as a family, caring for some pretty incredible girls, spreading the gospel and growing as a family all at the same time. It will be our joy to share our journey with all of you!

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