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» Do supplements really work?

» Do supplements really work?

I probably obsess a bit too much about my personal health. The obsession is the product of inheriting some less than stellar genes and having some interesting medical struggles at a young(ish) age. Additionally several people, including kids, in our family have some variation of the MTHFR genetic mutation. Something that freaked me out to begin with, but no longer worries me. A bit of research and understanding and paying attention to bloodwork has helped us utilize supplements and diet to counteract the effects of having such genetic mutations.

We have also come to understand that health and healthy living is not one size fits all. Many of the methods that were recommended to me personally, to lower my hereditary high cholesterol didn’t work. I had to really pay attention to what worked for me by trying a lot of different things. In the end a mostly vegetarian diet, cutting out dairy, upping cardio, taking a raw multivitamin, adding fish oil and working on inflammation specifically made the numbers drop. Addressing inflammation through diet was one of the last frontiers for me and it seemed to be the thing that really tipped the scale.

The question posed in the title of this post is “do supplements really work?” In our experience they absolutely do. This has been backed up by significant changes in our bloodwork. Even our children have had full panels done. I encourage you to do this for your kids too! We learned so much about how their bodies were processing nutrition and what they needed and what they didn’t. There was a drastic change in their deficiencies after I targeted their supplements and diet to their needs. Here’s the thing about kids though… mine are certainly not picky, but they also aren’t down to eat some of the weird concoctions I whip up to meet their nutritional needs. Supplements help us meet in the middle by filling in the gaps left by the American diet and our food sources.

To get to the point, here are the supplements that we currently use that are working well and showing results confirmed by blood work and how we feel on a daily basis. We specifically choose whole food and in some cases raw whole food vitamins. Overusing synthetic vitamins can cause their own slew of problems. Some of our most pressing issues were low amounts of B12 and D.

Erica’s Vitamins:

Ultimate Omega by Nordic Naturals
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Women’s Multi
(I take only a half dose of this per day)
Dr. Ohhira’s fermented probiotic
I switch probiotics all the time, as it’s best to continually expose the system to different strains, but this is a really good one I currently use
Green Superfood
This helps to ensure that I get plenty of greens and helps detoxify

Calvin’s vitamins:

Turmeric with Curcumin
Gaia Daily Wellbeing for Men
Garden of Life spray B12

Lola and Liam:

Doterra Kids Multivitamin Chewable
Nordic Naturals Jr.
Renew Life Kids Probiotic tablets
Renew Life Kids Digestive Enzyme (when needed, after consuming dairy etc.)

Charlotte and Elliott:

Amazing Grass Capsules (they take 3 capsules)
Mary Ruth’s Organic B12/D3
Nordic Naturals Jr.
Renew Life Kids Probiotic tablets

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