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» REVIEW: Open Goaaal Soccer Goal + Rebounder

» REVIEW: Open Goaaal Soccer Goal + Rebounder

Soccer is a big deal in our family. Between rec and travel soccer, it’s a yearlong sport for us. When we’re not on the fields, the backyard is the next best thing. After trying out various goals over the years, I think we have found our new favorite. If your house is anything like mine, soccer balls tend to find their way over the fence and into the neighbor’s backyard. This goal + rebounder combination from Open Goaaal makes things convenient and ultimately cheaper.


Wherever you decide to place the net, know that it won’t be moving anytime soon. The goal will have about 10-12 anchor points that will go into the ground. There are a couple of other things to consider: The ball can still go over the net (and the neighbors fence) no matter what you tell your kids; If you put the net along a fence, you will need to account for enough margin so that the ball doesn’t hit against the fence when the ball goes into the goal. Open Goaaal offers three different sizes so there will likely be an option that works for your yard (we ended up landing on the Standard). With basic tools, one person can be finished in a couple of hours. There are still some moments where two people are needed but not necessary for the whole period.


We’ve had other nets before without a rebounder but as children grow, their strength and ball speed increase. That’s when our older and smaller nets just couldn’t cut it anymore. The rebounder does what it’s meant to do which makes practicing alone more enjoyable. You can adjust the tightness of the net with the supplied carribeaners, this is necessary for the ball to come back to the player.


This net is big! As it should be. So make sure you have enough space in your yard. The net goes a few feet deep and although the net is narrow, the mounting structure stretches out both width and depth. In about five minutes, you can take the net/rebounder off the ground and raise it up, similar to a set of blinds. This allows you to mow and edge easily.


We have loved this product from Open Goaaal! Neighbors from all over, even some we had never met before, come over to kick around and play World Cup.

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I received this product from Open Goaaal to complete this review, but the opinions expressed here are my own.

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