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COVID-19 and at-risk children

COVID-19 and at-risk children

The work I’m blessed to be a part of professionally reaches around the globe. You can imagine the impact something like COVID-19 has on such work. We can’t currently reach our partners physically but thanks to technology we can check in on them frequently and support from afar. This perspective has given me some serious things to ponder and share. Just yesterday I saw some amazing little infographics for kids circulating on Facebook. This is the graphic that literally stopped me in my tracks:

Using this graphic parents, grandparents, guardians and other caregivers can talk to their children about the virus and assure them that they will be safe, that there is an adult who will keep them safe. The child is prompted to write the caregivers name there on the line.

Why did this excellent and therapeutic exercise stop me in my tracks? Because I know thousands of kids who don’t have a name to write on that line. I know thousands of kids who haven’t even heard that COVID-19 is a threat to them. And honestly, they are hungry, they lack security… COVID-19 is the least of their concerns. Whether that child is in this country or one across the ocean, we must not forget them in our panic and toilet paper searches.

Doing our part now, to flatten the curve and continue to support our economy in creative ways here ultimately affects vulnerable populations served through nonprofits and even government programs. That means yes, I think taking a second to distance, to clean more to halt some travel to pull back is the best option in the short term to affect the long term. Without measures now, the economy continues to dip, travel is suspended further… funding for nonprofits and programs suffers and ultimately at-risk kids and teens who don’t have a name to write on that line have little hope.

Let’s be good neighbors… globally and locally. There is no me without you, there is no us without them.

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