Asking for money is weird

I’ve never been one to enjoy a “sale.”  I didn’t work retail growing up and I hated it when my manager at Olive Garden wanted us to suggestive sell dessert items or frosty drinks.  I’m not smooth, I’m an awkward salesman. However, for some reason or another when I was eleven years old I had the gumption to try door to door sales.  Archie comic books had an advertisement geared towards young, impressionable readers that promised big bucks for selling wrapping paper, trinket boxes and other odds and ends.  I was totally in… because I totally wanted a Mountain Bike.  A pink one.  Well friends, I sold my little heart out, bought the bike and promptly had it stolen a week later.  So much for that.  I haven’t been big on fund raising since.

Now sixteen years later I find myself asking for money again.  I have to say it’s still a little weird.  After all, isn’t it our business if we choose to adopt a child from another country and incur the financial responsibility?  While that statement may be true, this is still not something we can possibly do on our own.  It costs almost $30,000 to adopt a child internationally.  That’s a year’s salary depending on who you are.  But no matter what the cost, I refuse to see a child as a bunch of dollar signs.  We have had to look past that number and see the lives that are changed by adoption.  And yes, we are asking you to look at that number  and its heavy reality and help if you’re able.  That’s a weird thing, but also a chance to be a huge part of a little boys story and future.  Lack of funding can delay our progress and that in turn delays our son’s homecoming.  This is why we ask that you consider donating.  We can’t do it alone.

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Erica is an advocate for simplicity, family time, making a cozy home and loving others well. She is the community coordinator for One Orphan, the orphan care ministry of America World Adoption Association. Erica and Calvin have four young children; Elliott, Charlotte, Lola and Liam. They currently reside in Nashville, TN.


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