For 1st – 3rd Grade Girls

Holiday Gift Ideas for Char and Lola (1st – 3rd Grade Girls)

1. Build & Imagine – Malia’s House

beach_house_2_web_largeBuild & Imagine website

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Our daughters love to use their imagination. Build & Imagine sets give kids the flexibility to design a space any way they want using magnetic geometric shapes. My girls loved the chunky magnetic doll sets by Melissa and Doug but outgrew them by the time they started elementary school. Build & Imagine includes similar magnetic dolls but are sized appropriately with the environment pieces and come with more complex accessories. You can buy additional sets that would work in tandem with these (like Legos) along with more clothing accessories, the new career set is our favorite! The kids love making up scenarios and making them come to life with these sets.

2. Cozy PhonescozyCozy Phones website

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Our little girl loves music but she can’t seem to keep her headphones on for long car trips. Cozy Phones have been a great solution that have worked great to be able to listen to music without the headache that traditional headphones cause from the squeeze. Plus, she was ecstatic at the idea of a cute frog headband to wear! I’ve also noticed that when she’s playing a game on the iPad and looking down, they don’t slip off like other headphones do.

3. Sticky Mosaics – Deep Sea Beauties


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This is a great way to work those fine motor skills. Kids will also be able to exercise their attention to detail as they match the numbers with the corresponding color stickers. These sets are well designed and look great on the wall or on a nightstand.

4. PlushCraft Heart Pillow


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Our second grader jumped at the opportunity to make this cute pillow. She had no problems with it and loved it so much that she did it all in one sitting. The stylus is used to punch colorful fabric pieces into a premade heart pillow that took our daughter about two hours to complete.

5. Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab & Kitchen Experiments


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Our kids love science but don’t get enough of it at school. They still talk about our summer trip to the Heath and Science Museum in Houston. This kit is a great introduction to microbiology. Is there science behind the “five second rule”? What kind of bacteria lives on your toothbrush? Grow and observe bacteria and learn about different types of germs! Our kids were fascinated and grossed out at the same time.







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