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Kidbox is a new service that just launched this week! Kidbox curates cool clothing for children (think 7 For All Mankind, Lucky Brand, Kensie + more), significant savings, and a mission to clothe children in need. Kidbox offers an affordable, personalized service designed to help kids explore their unique tastes, while providing families an opportunity to give back to others.

How it Works

Kidbox makes it really easy to select your child’s style profile and have a box on the way in no time. Within a few days you’ll receive a sweet box in the mail (that your child can color!) full of trendy clothing in their size, and a few surprises as well. My girls were thrilled with the surprise ball, which consisted of layers of thin crepe paper that they unraveled to unveil some fun little trinkets. Once you’ve checked out the clothes you can choose to return or exchange sizes on any of the items or keep all eight items (technically we got 10 pieces because one item was a 3-pack of capris!), it’s up to you. If you choose to keep the entire box you’ll be charged $98, which is a great deal. AND, if you keep the entire box, Kidbox will donate an outfit to a child in need. They do this through a partnership with K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers, the largest nonprofit dedicated to collecting and distribution new clothing to children of need in the United States. Lastly, Kidbox is not a subscription service. Kidbox doesn’t charge customers upfront and consumers can easily add or skip deliveries as well as cancel their service at any time.


My girls were so excited to see such a fun and interactive box land on our doorstep. The clothing was definitely suited to the style profile we chose during the process. For $98, I would spend more at Target for the same number of items in a box. The entire experience, from unwrapping the crepe paper ball and coloring the box to trying on the clothes and modeling them around the house, was just so fun and interactive. The arrival of the Kidbox was simply the highlight of the week. Even if you can’t see yourself getting a box every month, maybe getting one for a birthday/Christmas gift or even four times a year with every new season might make more sense.

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Disclaimer: The folks at Kidbox kindly allowed us a preview box for this review. As always, the opinions are my own.

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