On the 12th (and final) Day of A Road Home Christmas

Wow. We have been so privileged to feature some amazing organizations over the past couple of weeks. I plan to do a recap in a couple of days just in case you are still trying to nail down that Holiday Shopping.

Today, well tonight, I am excited to share Peachy Peachy with you.

Peachy Peachy is a little thing Calvin and I have been working on. Our very tiny, very little website and online store is finally ready for shoppers.

How it started: In May 2011, I met a group of girls in an orphanage in Kitabazzi, Uganda. They were incredibly talented! Many of the girls wrote me little letters with tiny little flowers crocheted into them. The wheels began to turn in my head. How could the girls use their talent to take them beyond the orphanage walls? How could the girls use their talent to make the orphanage an even better place? My sweet little friend Rachel had crocheted a tiny little bag for her teacher Ms. Sandy. Her pure heart simply wanted to give a gift but it became clear to us that these girls could do even more if given the right opportunity.

Peachy Peachy equips orphan girls in Uganda to fund their own education. The girls use their 1 hour class time to make fashion accessories for girls and women of all ages. These items are sold here in the U.S. and all profits are sent back to the girls. Their Life Skills Development class teaches them how to save, invest, and give. Each girl will start a savings account from her time at the orphanage with the knowledge to maintain it wisely. Through this process, they feel self-worth, learn to provide for themselves, and gain confidence for their future.

Hope Today: They learn valuable craft and business skills.

Hope Tomorrow: As the girls grow and eventually leave the orphanage, they will have savings to fund their university educations.

What’s in a name? Peachy Peachy comes from Piki Piki (pronounced peachy peachy in Uganda): Piki Pikis are little motorbikes that wiz around Uganda, carrying passengers to their next destination. To me Piki Piki represents the girls, they are on their way to the next destination. These girls are going somewhere.

Today we are giving away a Flower Clip from our line to TWO winners. Yup two separate winners. Pretty fun.

Here’s how to Enter. An entry for every action.

1. Leave a Comment, tell us what you like about Peachy Peachy.

2. Share this on your Facebook profile (suggestion below)
12 days of Christmas! Day 12 giveaway from Peachy Peachy http://wp.me/pNXTN-pv

3. Like Peachy on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @PEACHYmatters (if you don’t already)

4.  Tweet this! (copy and paste below)
12 days of Christmas! Day 12 giveaway from @PEACHYmatters —http://wp.me/pNXTN-pv  #aroadhome

The winners will be announced on Friday morning! Help us spread the word!

And yes… just in case you wondered, I am doing a bit of modeling on the Peachy site. Oh my. Probably not going to venture there again!

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Erica is an advocate for simplicity, family time, making a cozy home and loving others well. She is the community coordinator for One Orphan, the orphan care ministry of America World Adoption Association. Erica and Calvin have four young children; Elliott, Charlotte, Lola and Liam. They currently reside in Nashville, TN.


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