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WordPress and WiFi were not functioning well in China. We were not able to update the blog regularly. So here is a quick photo recap of the trip. I have so much to share, so I’ll use pictures to recap and tonight I should be able to sit down and spill my heart after the wee ones are in bed.

IMG_0882 A representative was visiting from the Ethiopian Government. Therefore the Ethiopian flag was flying with China’s flag in Beijing. May have been the coolest thing ever. _MG_0899China is full of intense buildings. Their history is craziness. _MG_0945Locks placed by lovers all along a portion of the Great Wall. Super fun.  _MG_0955Me. Trying to hard to pose well on the Great Wall. It was a serious hike and my hair was FRIZZY. Super humid and smoggy in Beijing. That’s totally not fog behind me… it’s smog friends. So gross. _MG_0957Lots of fun signs along the Great Wall.

IMG_0965 We failed with our Gotcha day pics, but it was so incredibly emotional it just didn’t seem right to stick a camera in her face. It was joyous and sorrowful all at once. I’m meeting her for the first time in the picture above. She kinda hated me here. IMG_0968She liked Daddy (BaBa) much better on that first day. She allowed him to hold her while she cried. IMG_0973 Leaving the Civil Affairs office with our daughter. Unfortunately, we had to go back everyday and she didn’t do well with the visits. IMG_0978This is Miss Lola later that day. She was totally cool with us and pretty happy as soon as we settled her in and gave her some activities. She is playing with big textured stickers in this picture. IMG_0982Lola has it in her mind that if she tries hard enough she will be able to see. In fact, she is so amazing that she fooled us into thinking she could see certain things for the first few days. Basically she can see light, some very bright colors, and can tell where large objects (such as furniture) are located. Having just a little bit of sight tires her out, she is always straining to see more. IMG_0984We ate more noodles than I can even begin to describe. Isn’t this chair beautiful? IMG_1006 Lola’s first bath in the hotel after overcoming her fear. Now we can’t get her OUT of the bath.IMG_1020Checking out the Super nice downtown area in Guangzhou. We came to find that the Chinese government likes to build super expensive buildings and use them for one event. Then they sit there, unused thereafter. An example is directly behind us. We were told by an individual we met there, that China likes to show a good face to the world. I could say a whole lot about that, but I’ll refrain for now. IMG_1030 Okay. I don’t drink Pepsi. But it was delicious in China. IMG_1038Just hanging out with Dad in the hotel.

IMG_1086 Some attachment techniques going on here. Feeding Lychee fruit to the baby bird.IMG_1026Riding on the bus with out travel group. She LOVES her Nalgene.  IMG_1036She kinda likes me now. 🙂 IMG_1062Taking one of our many walks through the hotel.  IMG_1093 Fresh from a bath!_MG_1107We head to Vanderbilt tomorrow with this sweet girl. We are anxious to understand her eye conditions better. There is definitely some hope that surgery may be an option to help her eyes function better. We appreciate prayers as we prepare her for a 3 hour doctor’s appointment tomorrow!

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Erica is an advocate for simplicity, family time, making a cozy home and loving others well. She is the community coordinator for One Orphan, the orphan care ministry of America World Adoption Association. Erica and Calvin have four young children; Elliott, Charlotte, Lola and Liam. They currently reside in Nashville, TN.


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  • Just a little vision will help Lola navigate throughout her life. Pair that with some Braille and she will be sailing along in no time at all. I am so anxious to keep up with her progress. Thank you for being unselfish with stories and pictures of your sweet, growing family. Let me know how I can help.

  • Came across your blog when another adoptive mom shared it on FB. We had our Gotcha Day on June 24th so one week after you. Is your daughter from Hunan province? The Civil Affairs office looks awfully similar to the one we had Gotcha in. Would love to connect with you if our daughters are from the same province! Congrats on your daughter…she is lovely! Can’t wait to follow along as you journey as a family!

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