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A couple of weeks ago I found myself sitting in a very hectic area of Vanderbilt. Lola’s name was called and we headed back for 3 hours of testing and observation. Then we took a lunch break while the OTs talked and scored Lola. When we returned the occupational therapist sat me down and said “well, we feel that Lola has a rather severe sensory processing disorder, she is extremely sensory seeking.” As she paused to let that information sink in I blurted out “I knew it! I knew this was more than adjusting to a new environment. This is great!”

So I’m thinking most parents aren’t excited about sensory processing disorder. But man… sometimes it is just nice to know that something is really going on. And the best part? With sensory processing disorder you can actually do things to help your child learn to process. My love of research, reading and doing has really collided on this one. I’m savoring words like proprioceptive input and vestibular system (which is what contributes to balance and spatial awareness, inner ear). Glorious.

Lola is now enjoying a sensory diet. This means that we provide many, scheduled, sensory experiences throughout the day. This “diet” gives Lola the chance to receive the proprioceptive and vestibular input she desperately needs. Are you feeling smarter yet? I am.

I am so excited to start blogging through our new activities and sharing about the items we add to our sensory diet. It’s new, it’s overwhelming but there is so much hope.

If you feel that your child may be facing sensory processing disorder I highly recommend picking up The Out-of-Sync Child. It breaks down the different types of sensory processing disorders, gives solutions and explains when professional help is needed.

A little sit n spin time before breakfast.

A little sit n spin time before breakfast.


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